Why Pre-Markets Can Hurt Your Affiliate Marketing

As many of my network marketers know, it is important to use pre-marks in your affiliate marketing campaigns to drive traffic and interest to your site. A lot of the pre-marks you see on sites are nothing more than back links leading back to a website. It’s important to get past this and do some quality link building and get links that are actually relevant to your site. When you have traffic that is interested in what you have to offer, it is easy to convert that traffic into sales. The problem with pre-marks is that the majority of them are not well crafted.

There are many reasons that search engines de-list websites but in most cases, it has more to do with spammy traffic. Some marketers spend a lot of time crafting their pre-marks and others just use a cheap template that is available for free on various websites. These are not well crafted and will have poor search engine optimization results. If you use these templates, your sites will never see the light of a search engine page ever again.

When you use pre-marks in your affiliate marketing campaigns, you are not only hurting your own sites by driving traffic to them that isn’t interested, you are also hurting yourself because no one will ever click on those. If you use a template, there is a chance that Google might not de-list your site at all. It’s important to understand that the major search engines look down on the use of template based pre-marks. This is one reason why so many network marketers are moving away from them. I recommend that you avoid them at all costs.