What is a Mini Account?

World Markets is an award winning global investment network which enables individuals to attain uncorrelated yet profitable returns by trading in both physical precious metals as well as digital assets. The company was launched in 2021 as an online precious metals trader. Today, it has expanded significantly to cover the major international markets. Traders can trade gold, silver, platinum, palladium, gemstones, futures trading, forex trading, oil, stocks and options on almost every market.

World Markets provides traders with a number of choices on how to trade depending on their level of experience and tolerance for risk. It also makes available its members with a standard practice account, and a practice virtual account. While still offering members a free demo account, this virtual account allows traders to practice and learn the basics of trading using real market indicators and data in a safe virtual environment. This demo account also lets traders try out the services offered by the World Markets company without investing any of their funds. Through this practice virtual account, potential members are able to build their confidence and experience the advantages of being a part of the World Markets company.

Once a trader becomes a member of World Markets, they are automatically entitled to a standard practice account, which contains a small balance. As part of the service, members are also qualified to receive a discount on the buy/sell spread as well as having access to a secure personal account. As a member of World Markets, you are entitled to receiving a variety of service benefits including an exclusive member only newsletter, full listings of every asset traded, information about market trends and developments, updates on precious metal and financial information. You will also be provided with a deposit money if you wish to open your own mini accounts.