The World Markets – An Overview

The World Markets is a set of over one hundred countries and they all trade in a commodity that is normally the Commodity markets. These include such global commodities as food grains, crude oil, silver, gold, natural gas, diamonds, cocoa, etc. These markets do not actually go beyond international borders, but they have a tendency to grow very large indeed. The United States of America itself is by far the largest producer of World Markets commodities.

For example, if you take wheat, which is a commodity that is traded in numerous countries, and then look at the individual country’s production and consumption of wheat per capita, you would end up with a value of around fifteen thousand kilogrammes per annum. That means that the wheat market, which is one of the largest in the world markets, is trading over a billion kilogrammes of grain per annum. If you multiply that by the hundreds of other nations which produce wheat, you get a clear picture of why multiple global markets are required to ensure an adequate supply for everyone. In fact, if you were to remove just one commodity from the world markets, you would end up with the conclusion that there would be an insufficient demand in the markets to allow them to expand.

So now let us have a quick review of the various world indices that the world markets trade in. We will start with the F ebruary 3rd world index, and we will finish with the C ac 40 world index. It has been a good week for the world markets and hopefully they will continue to go up in time.