Forex Trading – Pre Marks Scam?

Most people who read the newspaper have no idea what a Pre-Markets scam is, or how they work. The whole idea of trading in the futures market seems to be an “interbank” trade made up of large banks all over the world that control huge amounts of money. They trade other peoples money and you, the average trader, just buy and hold the same asset because you think the price will go up. I’m going to tell you how to make thousands of dollars a day with a simple strategy that has only recently begun to get attention from the public.

You can imagine how ridiculous this sounds. If you were able to get away with selling something like Pre-marks to large institutions for a few hundred dollars each, then you most likely would have been a millionaire by now. This is the exact type of leverage you want to have when trading currencies. It’s why trading with one currency almost always results in the highest returns.

A lot of people use leverage to their advantage and never even realize it, while others do it constantly and find themselves holding the bag in their sleep. When a trader holds the “bag of chips”, it means they have more buying power than anyone else because they are the one controlling the supply and demand of a currency. This is the perfect way to trade the forex market since you have complete control of the supply and demand.