Forex Trade Signals – Why Some Traders Have Pre-Markets & How You Can Use Them to Avoid Being Traded Down

Many people have problems with their pre-marks, if you are one of these people there is no need to worry. The only problem I see is that some brokers may mark your deal up and then never trade it, which will cost you money. Most trading platforms will mark your trades up for commission, so make sure you know the full price of the deal you are getting into before you open a trade. If you do this you should avoid getting pre-marks.

Other people have pre-marks which may not be profitable. The point to remember is that if it seems like the broker is marking your deal up, chances are it is. You can tell if they are doing this by looking at their quote page. If it is quoting very high figures and you can clearly see that it was calculated using multiple transactions then most likely it is.

If you are only getting pre-marks once or twice then there is a chance you did something wrong. Some traders get pre-marks from their brokers but do nothing with them. While others get pre-marks from different brokers, but decide to act on them. If you get pre-marks from more than one broker then do not follow them. This is because you could be mixing up your orders and causing problems with your trades.