A New Derivative Trading Service Offered by World Markets

World Markets is an online award-winning international investment platform which allows individuals to reach uncorrelated but reliable financial returns by trading in financial derivatives and precious metals. It even added ether and digital assets like BitUSD, which later on became the well-known BitUSD. The company handles more than $30 million daily as retail investors, institutional investors, and high net-worth people. Besides, it has a web-based Research Center, a marketplace where brokers, investors, commodities traders, and other market participants can access information. At present, it also offers a digital asset trading service.

The platform was designed and developed by CompuSharing, a company of Credit Suisse AG, the same company that provides the standard banking services. According to the company’s web site, the company successfully completed the testing of three versions including the World Markets platform, the Digital Asset Trade (DAT) platform, and the World Trading Center (WTC). All versions had significant positive results in terms of efficiency and performance.

Withdrawals from the World Markets are not permitted through any of the standard deposit money services. This makes the platform more ideal for traders who need instant funds. The companies claim that traders will be able to enjoy features such as the ability to open new positions, add or subtract a position, make direct deposits and conversions, change the market type, as well as monitor the performance of their portfolio. It is also hoped that this new service will allow users to enjoy the maximum liquidity, low spreads, high frequency, and higher productivity.