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Help Stop Global Warming

Written by Michael Salvatico

Climate change is on everyone’s mind. We want to do something meaningful about it, but don’t know how. That is no longer an excuse. Climakind provides a simple, transparent method for reducing global carbon emissions credits immediately and securely. At the same time, joining helps drive research and investment in low-carbon technologies. The future depends on the emission reduction efforts we make today.

Through Climakind you buy carbon credits that are then cancelled. The carbon emissions represented by the cancelled carbon credits will never occur. launched on 22 October 2009. The brainchild of Michael Salvatico, Climakind was born out of the frustrating need to act now to help stop damaging climate change. I wanted to do more than suck the carbon dioxide out of the air; I wanted to stop it from ever occurring. That’s when I realised my finance background could be better served in providing people access to a direct and effective means of reducing carbon emissions credits that is measurable, verifiable and additional. When Dr Phil McFadden FAA joined our team I knew we were on the right track.

Currently we only source carbon credits from the European Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) because we believe they are the best. This scheme has proven successful. EU ETS carbon emissions fell 3.1 percent in 2008 while global carbon emissions rose 1.94% in the same period. Carbon emissions in Europe declined for the third consecutive year in 2007. We can accelerate the emissions reduction process by buying and cancelling the carbon credits. Reducing carbon emissions from anywhere in the world makes a difference to the whole world. What matters is that the carbon emissions reduction is genuine, not where it is made.

Climakind makes it easy to recognise your emissions reduction efforts and makes participation simple and rewarding. The features in our website add more to your experience than simple transaction. The member lounge allows you to manage your Climakind emissions reduction efforts and earn the global recognition your efforts deserve.

That recognition begins with the Climakind Certificate, which represents cancelled carbon emissions. It gives a face to the culprit, carbon dioxide. In a way it gives you the satisfaction of seeing the cancelled carbon credits. The Climakind Who’s Who tables display a Climakind member’s tonnes of carbon emissions credits cancelled. The tables display to the world your efforts to reduce carbon emission credits. The member profile gives a public voice to your concerns and efforts. The member lounge provides a history of your purchases and charts of your Climakind emission reductions compared with the global averages.

We believe Climakind is the next generation of carbon emissions reduction. Think Climate Change - Be Climakind. Together we can make a difference.

Act Now

The message from science is clear - we urgently need to act now to reduce global carbon emissions and help stop damaging climate change.

The evidence linking human carbon emissions to global warming is clear. We need to make deep cuts in carbon emissions in order to avoid the irreversible consequences of damaging climate change.

Those consequences become severe once temperatures have risen above 2 degrees Celsius. We must and can avoid this much warming.

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