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Internet needs more than Earth Hour

While you are thinking about Earth Hour this weekend consider the carbon footprint of the websites you visit. Web traffic generates enormous amounts of carbon dioxide emissions. The use of the internet today is estimated to cause more carbon emissions than airfreight! This is due to the high energy consumption from servers behind the websites and the computers of the website visitors.

It’s no surprise when you imagine there are 44 million servers in the world, a large proportion which are connected to the internet. The global carbon footprint from these servers accounts for 80 million tonnes of carbon dioxide. That’s more than double the annual emissions from Australian Commercial Transport and Storage!

Ideally we could reduce or neutralise these carbon emissions. Fortunately for the internet, and our peace of mind, this can be done. One way to neutralise our internet experience is through CO2NeutralWebsite. They have calculated a simple algorithm based on website traffic. For every page view a websites emissions can be calculated and carbon emissions credits purchased to cancel those emissions.

Getting involved makes sense because a website is a highly visible part of a business. Initiatives such as CO2NeutralWebsite are simple and affordable. They indicate that the website owner is environmental concerned and helps to carbon neutralise the internet experience.

This is why has now joined the voluntary initiative CO2NeutralWebsite, to become the first Australian website to be certified CO2NeutralWebsite. Climakind has put into action what it preaches. “We promote affordable voluntary carbon emissions credit cancellation for individuals and organisations through”, said Michael Salvatico, CEO of Climakind. “It makes perfect sense to use CO2NeutralWebsite’s proprietary calculation to neutralise our user’s website experience. We do what we can to help stop damaging climate change”.

So next time you visit a website look to see if they are doing something to help reduce carbon emissions.

Act Now

The message from science is clear - we urgently need to act now to reduce global carbon emissions and help stop damaging climate change.

The evidence linking human carbon emissions to global warming is clear. We need to make deep cuts in carbon emissions in order to avoid the irreversible consequences of damaging climate change.

Those consequences become severe once temperatures have risen above 2 degrees Celsius. We must and can avoid this much warming.

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