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Make the Right Solar Choice
Solar Panels

Written by Michael Salvatico

Of all the green energy solutions solar stands out as an ideal choice. Capturing the energy of the sunrays is an environmentalist’s utopia. For a limited time generous Local and Federal Governments assistance packages make the choice even more appealing and accessible to everyone.

But going solar can be an involved purchase process. There are many different options, and the decisions you make will be with you for the next 20 years. Fortunately, there are experts who can advise you on how to make the right solar choice.

Solar energy is captured in two main ways, through solar hot water heating systems and through solar power generation. Using solar for hot water can reduce energy bills significantly, as 37% of a household’s energy consumption can be for hot water. The second way, solar power, is also very attractive. Installing a couple of solar power panels on your roof provides you with an independent source of electricity. Both methods help reduce your electricity demand from the main grid and therefore your electricity bill.

Read the full article published at Green Times.

Image credit: OregonDOT via Flickr Creative Commons.

Act Now

The message from science is clear - we urgently need to act now to reduce global carbon emissions and help stop damaging climate change.

The evidence linking human carbon emissions to global warming is clear. We need to make deep cuts in carbon emissions in order to avoid the irreversible consequences of damaging climate change.

Those consequences become severe once temperatures have risen above 2 degrees Celsius. We must and can avoid this much warming.

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