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Offsetting Carbon Emissions

We are all responsible for carbon emissions through our daily activities. While we can avoid and reduce some activities there are others that are unavoidable. Carbon offsetting is one solution to these unavoidable carbon emissions. It allows you to reduce carbon emissions elsewhere for your own carbon emissions by having someone else either sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere or reduce their emissions.

Ideally this results in fewer global carbon dioxide emissions.

In the case of Climakind, you cancel carbon emissions credits to match all or part of your carbon footprint (annual carbon emissions).  You can even cancel more carbon emissions than your carbon footprint!

The cancelled carbon emission credits that Climakind uses are the EUAs (European Union Allowances) recommended in the “UK Government Quality Assurance Scheme for Carbon Offsetting”. However, we believe the Climakind experience is more meaningful than a simple offsetting transaction. See the Why Join section to learn more.

Help stop damaging climate change

The UK Energy Department on Climate Change explains offsetting as being able to “compensate for your unavoidable emissions by paying someone to make an equivalent greenhouse gas saving” – DEFRA offsetting explained.

Those savings can help stop damaging climate change.

Who Should Join Us


Protect the planet for your family's future. Participate in changing the "fossil fuel business model" by supporting a price on carbon and cancelling carbon market credits. You can make a difference.

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Show your business is environmentally concerned by reducing global carbon emissions. In addition to sustainable practices that can saving energy, you can appeal to stakeholders by offsetting your carbon footprint with Carbon Market Credits.

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Community Groups

Your community group can lead the way to reducing global carbon emissions by supporting a price on carbon and investment in a low-carbon future.

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