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 Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get. 
Mark Twain

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Want to calculate the carbon emissions from the traffic on your website? CO2NeutralWebsite have created an algorithm to calculate the CO2 emissions generated by the traffic on your site.

More than 800 companies have joined a voluntary climate initiative (CO2NeutralWebsite) that focuses on reducing the carbon emissions from the internet.

The internet is a good thing for the climate. It reduces the need for transportation. It reduces the need for printing brochures and leaflets. But the internet also causes emissions due to the electricity consumption.

Climakind is proud to be the first certified CO2NeutralWebsite based in Australia. Climakind has offset its web-related emissions

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Carbon Tax vs Trade

Australia has proposed a carbon tax. What is a carbon tax and why is it being proposed? How does it compare to Emissions Trading?   read more >>


Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere matters

Science proves that the Global Warming effect is caused by the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. But what is a greenhouse gas and how does it warm the earth?   read more >>


Carbon Offsets Save the World

Carbon offsetting has been grossly misunderstood and undervalued. As global carbon emissions rise their importance increases. This study compares three ways to offset emissions.   read more >>


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