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 Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get. 
Mark Twain

Your Member Lounge

The member lounge is full of features to help make your experience with Climakind rewarding.

Let's look at the ways you can use the member lounge to monitor, compare and promote your efforts.


Climakind Cancelled Carbon Emissions Certificate - Gold

Climakind Certificate

Your Climakind Certificate representing cancelled carbon emissions credits will be available once your purchase order for carbon emissions credits has been processed by Climakind. The Climakind Certificate shows your name, member status, and the amount of carbon emissions credits that have been purchased and cancelled on your behalf. It is uniquely numbered. The member status is based on the sum of the tonnes of carbon emissions credits cancelled in the past 12 months.

Climakind Whos Who Table Example

Climakind Who's Who Tables

In the member lounge you can choose to make your carbon emission reduction efforts public by displaying them in the Climakind Who's Who tables. You can choose your preferred display name.

The first page of the Climakind Who's Who displays the names of those members who have made the most recent purchases of carbon credits. The Individuals, Families, Business & Government and Community Groups pages are ordered from the member with the most tonnes cancelled in the past 12 months.

Climakind Profile Example

Climakind Profile

Voice your efforts to reduce carbon emissions in the Climakind Profile.  Easily updated in the member lounge, the Climakind Profile allows you to have your say.

Climakind Chart - Annual Participation Example


Your Participation in the past 12 months

Using the charts in the member lounge you can compare your emission reduction efforts to the Climakind global averages.

Climakind Chart - Monthly Participation Example

Your Monthly Participation

This shows the monthly totals of cancelled carbon emissions with the global averages.


Certificate Register - Detailed Participation History

One of the first things you will see when you enter the member lounge is a summary of the carbon credits you have bought and cancelled over the past 12 months and in total.

You can also see a detailed history of each purchase of carbon credits on the 'Participation History' page.

Climakind Certificate Registry Example

More to come...

We will continue to add to the positive experience of acting now to reduce carbon emissions. We will inform you of new features as we add them to the member lounge. Keep your eye out for the Climakind Monthly Progress Report.

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