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 the burning of organic carbon warms the Earth about 100,000 times more from climate effects than it does through the release of chemical energy in combustion
Ken Caldeira

Reduce Global Carbon Emissions

Deep cuts in carbon emissions are needed

One of the most pressing and urgent problems we face today is Climate Change. We are already committed to a substantial temperature rise (see the message from science) but it remains possible to avoid dangerous climate change if we act now. Something must be done. But how can we best act?

We need a way to make deep cuts in carbon emissions. More than just reducing energy consumption we need to speed up the transition to a low-carbon future. Climakind provides a simple and transparent way to help make proactive reductions in global carbon emissions and cancel carbon market credits.

Think Climate Change - Be Climakind

Climakind is more meaningful than a simple carbon offset. Read more about "the alternatives to carbon offset".  

Your efforts to reduce carbon emissions through Climakind are proactive, high quality and secure:  

  • Proactive: The goal of cancelling carbon emission credits is to reduce the addition of “new” carbon to the atmosphere by not burning fossil fuels. Instead it is kept in the ground. This is more effective than trying to sequester the carbon after it has been emitted, when it is really too late. We cannot afford to be too late, we must be proactive.
  • High Quality: It is easy to distinguish the carbon represented by carbon emission credits as opposed to other emission reduction units. The impact carbon offsetting depends on the quality of emission credits cancelled. Cancelling Climakind carbon emission credits ensures a high quality of credit is used.
  • Secure: the transaction to buy and cancel carbon credits is transparent and withstands the scrutiny of market regulators.

Climakind ensures your efforts are:

  • Publicly Visible: You can promote your emission reduction efforts in the publicly visible Climakind Who’s Who tables, Climakind Profile and Climakind social media.
  • Easily Recognised: The three levels of participation (Bronze, Silver and Gold) allow your emission reduction efforts to be easily recognised. You can start with the affordable Bronze level option and build up gradually over 12 months to become a Gold member, or you can begin as a Gold member.
  • Interactive: The member lounge allows you to manage multiple purchases, monitor the history of cancelled carbon emission credits and compare your emission reduction efforts.

See how to join as an Individual, Family, Business, Government or Community Group.

See How Climakind Works to find out more.

Act Now

Climakind - Support a carbon price

Support a carbon price and encourage low-carbon solution investment with Climakind. Download the pdf...

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