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Cancel Carbon Emission Credits

To achieve the deep cuts in carbon emissions necessary to avoid damaging climate change we need to do more than reduce our personally controllable carbon emissions.

Reducing your carbon footprint is an ideal goal but it does not reduce the world's dependency on fossil fuels. Until we find a way to make low-carbon solutions economically attractive fossil fuels will continue to be used.

Putting a price on carbon shifts the balance away from fossil fuels. A carbon price adds the environmental cost to fossil fuels and that makes low-carbon solutions more economically attractive.

The carbon price is created by the demand for the limited carbon emission credits traded in a carbon market.

By voluntarily cancelling these carbon emission credits you reduce the number of credits and therefore reduce the rights of industry to emit carbon dioxide. 

It has been called the most pure way to offset carbon emissions. 

Reducing carbon emission credits helps drive the investment in energy efficiencies and renewable energy that is required to reduce global carbon emissions and help stop damaging climate change. Find out how...

The message from science in clear - We urgently need to act now to reduce global carbon emissions and help stop damaging climate change. Find out more...

Get Involved

Cancelling carbon emission credits through Climakind is easy. Climakind provides three levels of participation so that your efforts to reduce carbon emissions are easily recognised – Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each level indicates a bigger commitment to carbon emissions reduction.

For example, to make it easy for individuals and families to get involved, the three levels of Bronze, Silver and Gold are calculated on a fixed number of tonnes of carbon emissions. The amounts are calculated on the personally controllable carbon emissions of an individual living in the developed world.

Businesses, governments and community groups participation is more involved. A calculation of annual carbon emissions is necessary because an organisation’s emissions vary significantly based on size and industry. Though a calculation of emissions is required, Climakind still keeps the easily recognisable levels of participation – Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Find out more about Individual & Family, Business & Government, and Community Group.

Act Now

Climakind - Support a carbon price

Support a carbon price and encourage low-carbon solution investment with Climakind. Download the pdf...

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