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 Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get. 
Mark Twain

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Commercial benefits in reducing carbon emissions

Reduce the impact of the carbon emissions created by your business on the world's climate and minds of your stakeholders. Cancel genuine carbon market credits to offset the carbon footprint of business activities, products and events.

As well as being environmentally responsible and good corporate governance, there are many business opportunities in offsetting carbon emissions and there are first mover competitive advantages for those that act quickly.

Appeal to customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and the community by positioning your brand as environmentally concerned and visibly active in reducing carbon emissions.

Building a green profile

Boost the environmental recognition of your organisation. There are many commercial benefits in reducing carbon emissions that, if acted upon early, can create competitive advantages – such as improving practices, optimising production and processes and reducing energy consumption and waste.

Your organisation can reduce costs and boost sales, and build a stronger corporate image and brand equity.

Cancelling carbon market credits to offset your carbon emissions helps deliver the recognition of serious climate change brand management and builds a strong environmental profile. Given the urgent need to make deep cuts in global carbon emissions,  carbon offsetting is not optional, it is a must.

The Climakind Boost

Being Climakind can help your organisation:

  1. boost environmental awareness
  2. boost sales
      1. Open the door to new markets
      2. Appeal to new customers
      3. Increase existing customer satisfaction
      4. Improve brand loyalty and build stronger brand equity
      5. Be a low-carbon leader in your market
  3. boost reputation, influence and credibility with all stakeholders
      1. Improve corporate social responsibility practices
      2. Increase employee satisfaction
      3. Gain shareholder confidence
      4. Gain suppliers' respect
  4. boost carbon emissions reduction promotion
      1. Climakind provides a channel through which you can promote your efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

More meaningful carbon credit cancellation

Joining Climakind is more meaningful than a simple carbon offset of your emissions.  Our strong principles of integrity, quality, simplicity and transparency give you the certainty and security you need to ally your business with Climakind.

The benefits of being Climakind include:

  1. Confidence – ally your brand to our strong principles
  2. Visibility – opt to be in the Climakind Who’s Who tables
  3. Advertise – use the member’s profile to promote your efforts
  4. Credibility – cancel genuine carbon emissions credits
  5. Registry – see your history of purchases in detail and in total
  6. Progress – opt to receive the monthly Progress Reports 
  7. Analyse – compare your efforts with global averages
  8. Support – government initiatives support reducing emissions
  9. Investment – Future Investment funds are more likely to flow to low-carbon businesses

Joining Climakind

We encourage reducing and neutralising emissions.  It is important to measure and set carbon emission reduction targets and at the same time cancel carbon credits to match the emissions for which you are responsible. 

Our tips and information help your business on the way to being EmissionsAware™.  During the process of reducing emissions, which may take years, you can Climakind the carbon emissions for which you are responsible.  First you have to calculate your annual carbon emissions.

Calculating carbon emissions

If you know your annual carbon emissions (carbon footprint) you can use it when joining Climakind.

Otherwise we provide two solutions to calculate annual carbon emissions, a simple calculation or our EmissionsAware™ program. Our calculator quickly provides an estimation of your organisation’s annual carbon emissions from the three main energy activities.

Use our Emissions Calculator to determine your carbon emissions.

Our second solution, the EmissionsAware™ program, is our carbon management plan. It is more involved, setting long term targets for organisations to achieve a sustainable (low-carbon) future.

The EmissionsAware™ program has six main steps:

  1. Identify who will responsible for managing the sustainable initiatives
  2. Determine the scope of your emissions (the parts of your business you want to include)
  3. Measure and report the current emissions
  4. Set targets to reduce the emissions over a number of years (1yr, 3yr, 5yr)
  5. Monitor and report the progress on a regular basis
  6. Reward your team for achieving the goals and certification.

We guide you through the process with presentations, reference material and workshops. Please contact us for more details.

Identifying your commitment to reduce emissions

Once your organisation has chosen a method of calculating total annual carbon emissions there are three levels of participation that identify your commitment to emissions reduction:

Membership Level


is the entry level (one twelfth of your annual carbon emissions*),


shows you are concerned (half of your annual carbon emissions*),


indicates a significant effort to reduce carbon emissions and help stop damaging climate change (your annual carbon emissions*).

* Indicates the minimum participation for the level.

Set your business apart. Show your commitment to reducing carbon emissions...Join today...

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