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 The main reason to have a carbon price is that it is the lowest cost way to meet any given level of greenhouse reduction. 
Rod Sims

How Climakind Works

Do you want to have a meaningful impact on the global shift to a low-carbon future but you are unsure what to do? 

Supporting a carbon price on a carbon market is the solution.

Through a carbon market you cancel carbon emission credits and that helps drive investment in low-carbon solutions (energy efficiencies, renewables, etc). That is the way to a sustainable future. This is in many ways a better solution than many carbon offset and carbon neutralisation projects. 

A simple but powerful initiative

Through Climakind you buy carbon emissions credits from a compliance regulated carbon market. Climakind then cancels those credits so that they can never be used to emit carbon dioxide.  Fewer credits helps speed up the reduction of global carbon emissions.

Figure 1

The two steps to reducing carbon emissions credits

The two steps described in Figure 1 above work because the number of carbon emissions credits in a well designed carbon market are limited. By buying and cancelling the credits through Climakind you remove them permanently from the market. The cancelled credits can never be used to emit carbon dioxide.

The more credits you buy and cancel through Climakind the fewer credits available in the market. In effect you help reduce the “cap” in the “cap and trade”. As the remaining credits become more expensive energy efficiencies and the alternative low-carbon solutions become more economically attractive.

See Emissions Trading Explained for more detail.

Proving your purchase order cancels carbon credits

Once your purchase order of carbon emissions credits has been processed you receive a uniquely numbered Climakind Certificate.

The Climakind Certificate represents the carbon emission credits that you have removed. The certificate number links your certificate to Climakind’s purchase of carbon emission credits on the carbon market.

You can match your Climakind Certificate number to our purchase order in the Climakind Progress Report. The purchase and cancellation of carbon credits will be verified by an independent audit. Please note that Climakind pools funds and purchases credits in large quantities so that you can benefit from the pricing efficiencies of bulk buying.

Why we currently only use European Union Allowances

Currently Climakind only buys carbon emission credits through the European Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS). Specifically we only purchase European Allowances (EUAs) which are allocated as Assigned Allocation Units under the Kyoto Protocol. The EU ETS is the only carbon market that currently meets our stringent requirements for genuine carbon emissions credits. That helps ensure your emission reduction efforts through Climakind are proactive, high quality and secure.

Why are we so specific about the type of carbon credit used? Because they offer the 'most pure' form of carbon offset.  This was shown in an investigation of carbon credits types, "what are the alternatives to carbon offset", that revealed a lot of confusion and uncertainty surrounded many of the projects used to offset carbon in order to be carbon neutral. We wanted a more meaningful solution.

The EU ETS is a regulated compliance market, whose carbon emissions credits are robust and verifiable. In 2008 carbon emissions in the EU ETS fell 3.1 percent, while global carbon emissions rose 1.94% in the same period.

When new carbon markets are implemented around the world they will be considered for inclusion based on whether they meet our minimum requirements. Currently they are being investigated or implemented in USA, New Zealand, Tokyo and Australia.

The It's Easy Video Explains How Climakind Works

Your efforts strengthen the ETS

You can make a difference to the number of carbon emissions credits available for emitters to use. By reducing the number of credits your efforts through Climakind strengthen the impact of the EU ETS to reduce carbon emissions.

Together we can help make the EU ETS achieve deep cuts in carbon emissions beyond Kyoto targets. In effect you help reduce the cap by removing the number of credits available to emitters. Act Now explains why we need to make deep cuts in carbon emissions to avoid the irreversible catastrophes of damaging climate change.

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How Climakind Works

Hear how to reduce emissions immediately and securely in a simple and transparent way.

As you buy and cancel carbon credits from the ETS you are making it harder to pollute. Emitters will be encouraged to come up with innovative low-carbon solutions - the only way to a sustainable future.

Join now to help make deep cuts in carbon emissions.

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