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 Global warming is not only the number one environmental challenge we face today, but one of the most important issues facing all of humanity. 
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Individuals and Families

Everyone can make a difference

We urgently need to reduce global carbon emissions to help stop damaging climate change. The only way to really make a difference is to change the "fossil fuel" business model. Supporting a price on carbon adds the environmental cost to fossil fuels and encourages investment in low carbon solutions. 

Now, through Climakind you can participate in global carbon markets and speed up the transition to a low-carbon future. You can make a difference.

By participating in Climakind you buy and cancel carbon market credits in global carbon markets. The carbon emissions represented by the credits you cancel will never occur. By reducing the supply of carbon market credits your efforts support a price on carbon, changing the business model, making low-carbon solutions more economically attractive. Find out how.

Climakind empowers you to help stop damaging climate change.

Reasons to be Climakind

Deep cuts in global carbon emissions are needed to avoid the consequences of damaging climate change.  The longer we wait the worse the consequences. As Bill McKibben said at the Sydney Writer's Festival, when it comes to global warming there are 'different layers of hell', a two Degree rise in global average temperatures will be bad, a three degree rise will be much worse.

Cancelling carbon emission credits empowers you to change the direction of future investments. By supporting a price on carbon you help speed up the transition to a low-carbon future. 

You will receive a Climakind Cancelled Carbon Emissions Certificate when the carbon market credits you purchase through Climakind have been cancelled. The Climakind website member lounge provides features to monitor and promote your emission reduction efforts. In the member lounge you can purchase more carbon credits to account for your carbon emissions from activities such as driving, flying, burning gas or using electricity, or for the altruistic reduction of carbon emissions. 

What makes a tonne of carbon emissions?

To help you understand how your everyday activities add to the changing climate we have created a table showing what makes a tonne of carbon emissions.

Each of these activities results in 1 tonne of carbon emissions on average.

  • Travelling in a plane for 5000 kms / 3100 miles (about 3.5 return trips Sydney/Melbourne; 3 return trips New York/Chicago; 11 trips London/Paris)*
  • Driving a car with petrol/[US gas] about 4100 kms / 2500 miles
  • Using a clothes dryer for 15 hours
  • Turning on 10 light globes (100 Watts) for 68 days
  • Using a window air conditioner for 75 days
  • Staying 34 nights in a hotel

* for more detail on the carbon emissions from flying visit Travel Math

A simple yet powerful way to act now

We created fixed levels of participation because we believe action is more important than the accurate calculation of an individual's annual emissions.  However, it is still critical to first reduce carbon emissions by using our tips on being EmissionsAware™.

Climakind Gold approximates one year of carbon emissions

Climakind provides three levels of participation to easily identify and recognise your efforts to reduce carbon emissions - Bronze, the entry level, Silver and Gold.

Climakind participation levels are based on an approximation of household controllable carbon emissions. A Climakind Gold Membership approximates your annual carbon footprint.


The following table indicates the minimum tonnes of carbon emissions credits to cancel for each level.  For more information on calculating the minimum tonnes per level see "What are the Climakind levels" in the FAQ.


         Annual Participation
          minimum per level

Member Type





1 tonne

6 tonnes

12 tonnes

Family (0-1 child)

2 tonnes

11 tonnes

21 tonnes

Family (2-3 children)

2 tonnes

14 tonnes

27 tonnes

Family (4+ children)

3 tonnes

15 tonnes

30 tonnes


Tips and Information to reduce emissions

In this video, Phil tells how the three levels of participation make it easy to identify your committment to reducing carbon emissions - Bronze, the entry level, Silver and Gold.

What membership level suits you depends on many factors, but ask yourself - How much is a sustainable future worth to you?

Join now to help make deep cuts in carbon emissions.

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