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 Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get. 
Mark Twain

The Vision

Are you Climakind?

The Climakind vision is to empower individuals and organisations to help stop damaging climate change by reducing global carbon emissions.

Deep cuts in carbon emissions

We see Climakind as the next generation of carbon emissions reduction, of carbon offsetting, of carbon neutral. It is proactive. It empowers you to help speed up the transition to a low carbon future. It is about making deep cuts in carbon emissions that are necessary to help stop damaging climate change.

Together we can make a difference

Climakind provides an interface that gives you accesses to real carbon markets. Through Climakind you cancel the carbon emission credits that would otherwise have been used to emit carbon dioxide. The more carbon emission credits that are cancelled the bigger the impact on low carbon investment.

In today’s carbon conscience world, being a responsible global citizen means making every effort to reduce carbon emissions. Together we can make a meaningful difference.

Are you Climakind?

Be Climakind - The full story

Climakind provides a way to make deep cuts in global carbon emissions.

Listen as Phil tells the whole Climakind story, from the urgent need to act now to a meaningful way to make a difference. Learn how you can reduce carbon emission credits.

Climakind provides the interface to make a difference. Your efforts are recognised and rewarded today for helping secure the future.

Join now to help make deep cuts in carbon emissions.

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